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Pete Dunne has a very Pete Dunne reaction to reports Pete Dunne’s WWE deal is up

Recently we heard that, like his old rival Adam Cole, former NXT UK champion Pete Dunne’s WWE contract is up soon.

The circumstances of in Dunne’s case are said to be similar to what reportedly happened with Cole, which would mean some in the company thought he was locked up for longer, and now there’s some scrambling going on while everyone decides what to do.

Dunne is also similar to Cole in that he’s another talented and charismatic performer who doesn’t fit the “big guy” mold Vince McMahon currently wants for Raw and SmackDown. Much of the debate about whether he’ll ever rise about the NXT level in WWE, and how much he could make/if he’d be happy if he stayed there that’s going on with Cole could be applied to the 27 year old Brit.

What does The Bruiserweight have to say in response to his name swirling around the internet?

The only way that could be more Pete Dunne is if he reached through your screen and snapped your fingers first. Sure am glad that’s not possible.

We’ll keep you posted on any news or rumors about Dunne.

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