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Finn Bálor respects how John Cena took his SummerSlam match

Solid spin from The Prince, who also says he’s not done with Roman Reigns.

WWE wanted us to think Roman Reigns might successfully deny John Cena a SummerSlam shot at his Universal title, so Finn Bálor was teased as Reigns’ opponent for a week. Then Baron Corbin tried to sign the contract instead of Bálor - because that’s totally a thing you can do with legal documents. Cena ended up being the last guy with pen & paper in hand, so now the match is his.

Finn will handle business with Corbin in their match on SmackDown tonight (Aug. 6). He recently spoke on Cena, and Reigns, in a Facebook interview with WWE Germany:

“Of course [Cena taking his contract hit a nerve], but in the same situation, I’m sure I would have done the same. So I gotta respect that, and respect the approach he came with. But I really believe that myself and Roman have unfinished business. Roman accepted the challenge, so it may not be SummerSlam, but I’m sure we’ll get down to business once Roman and John is handled...”

Asked who he’d prefer to face first out of the two, Finn kept his eyes on the prize:

“I’m not sure if the possibility of a Triple Threat at SummerSlam is off the cards right now, so if we could somehow finagle that, that would be fantastic. But if not, obviously the one reason I’m in SmackDown is to become Universal Champion, so Roman Reigns is who I want. I’ve wrestled John before and wrestled Roman before. What I want is to reclaim the Universal Champion.”

Probably the best kayfabe answer you can give. And whether you’re hoping for a three-man dance in Las Vegas on Aug. 21, or just assuming we’ll get Bálor vs. Reigns at Extreme Rules in September, Finn gives you something to work with here.

Of course, he has to get by a desperate Corbin tonight first...

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