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Adam Cole/WWE negotiations said to be ongoing, Tony Khan denies AEW offer report (Updated)

Britt Baker’s Instagram

Adam Cole’s been in the news all week after a pair of reports his WWE contract recently expired. The NXT star is said to have agreed to work through TakeOver 36 on Aug. 22, at which point he’ll evaluate his options.

In covering the story for this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirms what Cole’s options are:

Those close to the situation have said that he is negotiating a new deal with NXT but that AEW had made an offer as well and he had not agreed to either offer as of midweek.

That’s pretty much what everyone figured. Cole’s girlfriend Britt Baker is in AEW, and Tony Khan’s company has been the most likely destination for most folks who do or might leave WWE... especially wrestlers diehard fans feel haven’t been given a fair shake by Vince McMahon.

Cole’s been booked as one of the biggest stars in NXT history since joining the company back in 2017, but conventional wisdom says that’s his ceiling. If McMahon was going to call the 32 year old up and push him on Raw or SmackDown, he would have done so already. That he hasn’t is thought to be a sign Cole’s athletic and verbal abilities don’t make up for his cruiserweight size in Vince’s book.

Whatever the reason, Cole will have to weigh not only the monetary amounts of the offers on his plate, but also decide which company he trusts to use him a way that will help him make even more money in the future.

Which would you pick if you were him?

UPDATE: Meltzer says Khan contacted him to refute the Observer story.

Everyone can decide for themselves whether they think Khan is telling the truth, or putting this out there as a way avoid tampering accusations, or a as negotiating tactic.

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