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Undertaker’s warning about Bray Wyatt was right on the money

While Undertaker was doing media rounds last November to promote his final farewell at Survivor Series 2020, he spoke to the New York Post about Bray Wyatt. Now that Wyatt has been released from WWE, Undertaker’s words stand out as eerily omniscient.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from that article:

As Undertaker has faded away, WWE has a new supernatural character in “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Undertaker is a fan of what Wyatt is doing, calling it edgy. He feels there are some similarities between what Wyatt is now and what he did 30 years ago because The Fiend is “so much different than everybody else” in WWE.

He included a warning for Wyatt, who reportedly has great input into his character. Undertaker believes that perk is something Wyatt should never let someone wrestle away from him.

“When you have people outside writing for you, sometimes they get a little carried away and you’re just like, ‘OK let’s do that.’ ” Undertaker said. “I hope he stays really invested in it and says no when he has to say no and do what’s right for that character because it’s really the strongest character WWE has right now.”

It’s why The Fiend is someone Undertaker wishes he had “a little bit more gas left in the tank” for.

After this interview, Wyatt was on WWE television for one more month until he was burned to death by Randy Orton at TLC 2020. Wyatt briefly returned as the Extra Crispy Fiend three months later, only to be beaten a couple weeks after that at WrestleMania 37 in the weirdest way, in a result that was roundly booed on a night everything else (besides Hulk Hogan) was cheered. He was then taken off television for months, had his gimmick given to another wrestler, and was released by WWE.

That’s some wild shit right there.

It sounds like Wyatt tried to follow Undertaker’s advice to protect his gimmick, but to no avail. And here we are now, with Wyatt no longer on the WWE roster, in a baffling decision that many pro wrestling fans (and some of the wrestlers) are still scratching their heads over.

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