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You should expect loud pops for the heels at SummerSlam

With a small number of exceptions, WrestleMania usually ends with the babyface standing tall.

I haven’t gone back to track how often that’s the case for SummerSlam, but based on the following top 10 video from WWE, it seems that SummerSlam is a pretty good time for heels to shine.

Here is WWE’s list of the 10 loudest pops ever at SummerSlam:

10. Nikki Bella returns in 2016
9. Mankind jumps off the cage in 1997
8. Shane McMahon falls off the set in 2000
7. Triple H helps Randy Orton in 2013
6. Edge returns in his hometown in 2019
5. British Bulldog beats Bret Hart in 1992
4. The Undertaker returns in 2010
3. Brock Lesnar beats The Rock in 2002
2. Jon Stewart screws John Cena in 2015
1. Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte Flair in 2018

The top three entries on the list all include a heel winning a championship or a babyface (briefly) turning heel. When you add on Triple H helping Randy Orton cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Daniel Bryan in 2013, there is plenty of heel representation on this list of the loudest pops.

Is that because SummerSlam is generally held in big cities that are more likely to cheer heels over faces? Or is this just a small sample size from a thrown together video that I shouldn’t draw too many conclusions from? Yeah, it’s probably that one.

Let us know what you think about WWE’s top 10 video in the comments below, Cagesiders, and be sure to mention the loudest pops you can remember that are worthy contenders for this list.

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