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Asuka went to the dentist, too... with her arm immobilized

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We haven’t seen Asuka in a month and half. Her last match was at July 18’s Money in the Bank, when she competed in the women’s ladder match won by Nikki ASH.

The last report we had on the former Raw Women’s champion was that she was healthy, but in creative limbo. Asuka denied the report that WWE just wasn’t using her on Monday nights...

Today (Aug. 31), we got an indication of both why she’s been out, and why she was so adamant the rumor was “a fake story”. The update comes via a tweet about dental work. The Empress of Tomorrow had said she’d been wearing false teeth since she losing one to a February Shayna Baszler kick that allegedly also left her with a concussion.

The dental issue has been addressed. But there seems to be an issue with Asuka’s left arm...

No specifics on what happened, the extent of her injury, or a timetable for her return. We’ll keep you posted.

Get well soon, Asuka. And those choppers look great!