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Free agency won’t squash Pat McAfee & Adam Cole’s beef

Most fans’ first thoughts upon learning Adam Cole is likely done working with WWE probably run more toward fantasy booking his AEW debut, and wondering how Being The Elite will explain the whole “The Young Bucks poisoned him” plotline.

Not this guy. I was worried one of my favorite media-spanning feuds in recent wrestling history might be over. But I shouldn’t have worried. Being on different brands didn’t stop Pat McAfee & Adam Cole from sniping at each other. Potentially being in different companies won’t quell their pathological hatred of one another.

Pat Mac isn’t letting Cole’s exit, or the case of COVID he’s thankfully recovering from, stop him from taking a shot. In fact, he’s offering his unemployed rival a job.

What a guy! Unfortunately, Cole is letting their past get in the way of a chance to start his sports talk career as an intern...

See why I was worried we might lose this?

Hate For-Ever... clap-clap-clapclapclap