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Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax looked like it almost turned into a shoot on Raw

Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair got awfully chippy during their match on Monday Night Raw this week. Things were moving along fine, physical but nothing too crazy, and then this happened:

Which, yikes. We’ve seen Jax in situations like this before, but this is Charlotte Flair we’re talking about. How did that end up playing out as the match went on?


You can skip ahead to about the 45 second mark to see where they start crossing over that line into a shoot. Flair slaps Jax hard across the face and Nia looks genuinely pissed off before responding in kind, then pushing Flair’s face down. They separate briefly before Flair throws a big chop that Jax no sells completely. Charlotte responds by pushing at her face, and when she goes to do it again, Jax tells her “don’t.” Then she hits Flair with a straight up three punch combo. Charlotte appears to briefly consider throwing a punch back but instead they go into an awkward sequence of not knowing what to do with each other.

Later, Flair pushes at Jax’s face again, and then shakes her ass in her face. They go into the finish not long after and Jax’s powerbomb looks particularly unpleasant for Charlotte, who can be seen saying something to Nia as she goes for the cover.

And that was the merciful end.

Jax was interviewed on Raw Talk after the show and made it sound as though she’s coming for the Raw women’s championship. Alexa Bliss was nowhere to be seen as well, so we may be getting round two here soon enough.

Strap in for that one.

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