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Doudrop’s despicable actions leave Eva Marie unable to compete in heavily promoted Raw match

WWE spent a great deal of time, energy, and money to promote a match pitting Doudrop vs. Eva Marie for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City. It was, in turn, a highly anticipated match-up of two skilled competitors.

Who would emerge victorious? Fans around the world tuned in to find out.

They were let down thanks to Doudrop’s utterly despicable behavior prior to the referee ever calling for the bell to begin the match.

Indeed, Doudrop, noticing Eva had her back turned, elected to attack her from behind, unleashing a vicious assault Marie couldn’t have been prepared for in that moment. Look at this:

That’s Doudrop, having launched her sneak attack, taking advantage of her injured opponent and slamming her to the mat in a truly disgusting display. It left Eva in a state of shock and severe pain, and resulted in the cancellation of the match.

This is utterly unacceptable behavior from Doudrop, and we await the powers that be within WWE taking action against her.

Update: My god, look what we missed out on thanks to Doudrop acting out this way:


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