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Goldberg says he needs knee surgery, and to rip Lashley’s soul from his chest

Goldberg failed to capture the WWE championship from Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam on Aug. 21, thanks in part to a (poorly sold) shot MVP took at his knee. The All Mighty worked the knee from there, leading to the referee stopping the match.

Based on this interview WWE posted a short time ago, the knee injury looks like it will play a part in the ongoing Lashley/Goldberg feud - legit or not. The video definitely confirms something that was immediately clear in Las Vegas: the post-match scene where Lashley put 15 year old Gage Goldberg in The Hurt Lock when he came to defend his dad from more punishment is key to the story.

“I’ve got ligament damage and I have an impending knee surgery - does that answer your question? I really don’t care.

“But what I do care about is that dirty son of a bitch Bobby Lashley and what he did to my son at SummerSlam. I just left the house. Gage’s shoulder’s all jacked up. His neck hurts. God knows what a dude that size could of done to my son. So, the objective’s changed. I’m not coming for the WWE championship. I’m coming for Bobby Lashley’s soul - and I will rip it straight from his chest.”

Speculation has been a second Goldberg vs. Lashley match will happen when WWE returns to Saudi Arabia on Oct. 21 for Crown Jewel. This makes it sound like that will be a non-title affair, which probably means a win for the Hall of Famer. That’s something that needs to happen if WWE is to continue to present the 54 year old as a threat. Whether they should continue to present the 54 year old as a threat is another matter... but Goldberg still has drawing power, so this won’t be his farewell angle.

We’ll see how they continue this program on Raw tonight.

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