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Dakota Kai explains why she turned on Raquel Gonzalez

WWE NXT on Twitter

Dakota Kai turned her back on Raquel Gonzalez last week on NXT, asserting herself as next in line for Raquel’s women’s championship with TakeOver 36 coming up on Aug. 22.

On tonight’s (Aug. 3) episode of NXT, Kai explained why she stabbed Gonzalez in the back. You see, if it wasn’t for Dakota, Raquel would be nothing. When she plucked Gonzalez out of obscurity 18 months ago, Raquel understood her role - stand behind Dakota and be there when she needs her.

But thanks to Kai’s influence and star power, Raquel became a star in her own right, and now she’s the women’s champion. Kai should be the one standing today with championship gold around her waist, whether it’s the singles or tag team titles. But Raquel only cared about her own circumstances, and Dakota somehow became her sidekick. That’s unacceptable, of course. Gonzalez was so oblivious as to what was going on around her that she didn’t realize the person standing right next to her was about to kick her head off.

Dakota brought Raquel into NXT, and now she’s going to put an end to her championship reign.

What did you think of Kai’s explanation of her betrayal, Cagesiders?

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