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This is what happens when you provoke Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is set to challenge NXT champion Karrion Kross for the gold at TakeOver 36 on Sunday, Aug. 22. Joe is focused on becoming the first ever three time NXT champion.

Tonight’s (Aug. 3) episode of NXT furthered their angle with a very quick promo from the champ. You’d never know that Karrion currently has a losing record on Raw given how confident he sounded while saying he’s the reason Joe lost control of NXT.

Kross stood on the announce table and essentially called Joe out. Joe tried to get his hands on Kross, but William Regal’s pesky security guards prevented that from happening. Kross made his escape, so Joe unleashed his aggression on the poor saps in uniform. He beat the hell out of all of them and even put one to sleep while staring death into the camera like only Joe can.

Seeing an unhinged Samoa Joe beating the crap out of people never gets old.

Are you appropriately hyped up yet for the in-ring return of Samoa Joe?

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