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Dexter Lumis loses her, but still leaves with her

The main event of tonight’s (Aug. 3) episode of NXT was a “Love Her or Lose Her” match pitting Dexter Lumis against Johnny Gargano. If Gargano wins, the romance between Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis must come to an end.

Before the match, Gargano and Candice LeRae said they knew it wouldn’t be popular, but it was in Hartwell’s best interests for Johnny to put an end to InDex. Hartwell remained conflicted, not knowing what the right choice was between love and family.

Once the match began, it didn’t take long before Hartwell made her way down to ringside to get a closer look at the action while the fans chanted “InDex.” LeRae followed suit shortly thereafter.

Towards the latter half of the match, Gargano took a moment to blame commentator Beth Phoenix for everything that’s happened. This distraction led to a near fall for Lumis, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Dexter missed the flying elbow drop, and Johnny immediately locked in the Gargano Escape. Indi helped Dexter reach the ropes and break the hold, and her intentions became clear. But then Lumis was propelled into Hartwell, knocking her onto the floor. Dexter was so concerned with Indi’s well-being that he fell victim to One Final Beat from Gargano. That was enough to give Johnny the three count.

Just like that, InDex is officially over...or is it?

After the match was over, Hartwell reluctantly began to walk out of the venue with her family, leaving Lumis alone and heartbroken in the ring. But true love cannot be stopped, so Hartwell ran back to her love and jumped right on top of him. They shared a passionate kiss on the ring mat while the crowd lost their mind.

And that’s how the show went off the air.

What did you think of the “Love Her or Lose Her” match and angle, Cagesiders?

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