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Happy anniversary to RETRIBUTION!

On this day (I see clearly... ahem, sorry. Lucky for him, Edge has nothing to do with this) in 2020, WWE laid this on us:

That faction would spend a few weeks nameless and faceless, but they would become RETRIBUTION.

It was really all doomed from the jump. You could tell they weren’t going to tell a good “invading faction” story when they announced the invasion in advance. More than the goofiness of those early days - which featured throwing fire at generations, attacking the ring with rubber chainsaws, and throwing cinder blocks through already broken windows - it was the narrative missteps that made RETRIBUTION a joke before they even had a leader.

The Raw brand drafted the group to Raw AFTER they vowed to destroy Raw! Sure, in retrospect this seems like a genius move, getting the insurrectionists under your thumb so you can crush them. But no matter how hard T-BAR, MACE, SLAPJACK, whatever Mia Yim’s ALL CAPS name was & Mustafa Ali worked to get the schtick over online or on-screen, they were booked like goobers.

So the clock was ticking until we got a break-up angle... and then WWE just kind of (badly) punted that, too.

It sucks, because all involved deserve better. Ali seems to have an interesting thing going with Mansoor, so maybe they can get some momentum and - WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY LOST TO T-BAR AND MACE!?!?


Oh well. Happy anniversary, RETRIBUTION.

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