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Ric Flair explains why he requested his release from WWE, capitalizes every word

With rumors swirling as WWE officially announced his release from the company, Ric Flair tweeted the following statement explaining the situation from his perspective.

For some reason, the Nature Boy capitalized every word in his note, which probably isn’t germane, but amused us greatly at the Cageside offices.

It’s a very gracious statement, and one that would indicate WWE and the two-time Hall of Fame inductee will likely be back in business together someday.

Flair probably thought it was necessary to quell talk of bad blood prompted by reports his release came after he raised issues with recent booking decisions to Vince McMahon. On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said Naitch sent McMahon a text “basically complaining” about how his daughter Charlotte was being used. Meltzer also indicated it was Vince’s decision to let Flair go after receiving the message, as opposed to initial reports which claimed Flair asked for his release.

Probably Not The End...

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