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WWE announces Ric Flair’s release

No one disputed the reports yesterday (Aug. 2) that Ric Flair had been released by WWE, so this was really just a formality. But this does make it official:

The article that links to on only contains the same text that’s in the tweet. No well wishes for future endeavors. They don’t even bother to write out the date.

If you want to read anything into the curtness of the statement, have at it. We’ve already heard Flair’s departure came after he complained about some recent booking decisions. While nobody’s saying Vince McMahon and the Nature Boy will never do business together again someday (WWE owns too much of Flair’s history to think that), it does feel like there’s some acrimony behind the end of this chapter in their relationship.

Will that effect the two-time WWE Hall of Famers next move? What does his daughter Charlotte think of all this?

Time will tell.

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