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John Cena lives the Peacemaker gimmick for Miro meeting at The Suicide Squad premiere

John Cena really likes the Peacemaker costume he wears to play his character in The Suicide Squad.

Writer/director James Gunn joked to Jimmy Kimmel that Peacemaker, the forthcoming HBO Max spin-off show about the “superhero” who loves peace so much he’s willing to kill for it, won’t get a second season if Cena doesn’t stop stealing the suit.

So it wasn’t shocking to see Roman Reigns’ SummerSlam challenger appear at the red carpet premiere of The Suicide Squad in his Peacemaker get-up.

Didn’t expect to see TNT champion Miro there, though. Or for Cena and the artist formerly known as Rusev to share a moment. John even introduced The Redeemer to his wife!

Actually, despite their bad kayfabe blood, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fraternity of wrestlers, and all that. Plus, Miro has often said Cena is his friend. His best friend, even.

Great to see these two reunite. And on Rusev Day, no less!

The Suicide Squad premieres in theaters and on HBO Max Aug. 6. Miro defends the TNT title against Lee Johnson on the Homecoming edition of Dynamite tomorrow night (Aug. 4).

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