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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Aug. 2, 2021): This is boring

It’s really unfortunate that WWE is making it so blatantly obvious that they felt they needed Goldberg for SummerSlam.

The crowd tried to get into the Goldberg chants, but it never really took off. That’s because even after being away for over a year, it’s not clicking with them.

And I don’t blame them, because I’m not either.

At no point during this opening segment did I care about a moment of Goldberg. His gum smacking promo was bad, and spearing MVP because he was talking trash to his son (who has really grown up since we last saw him by the way!) was also dumb.

This feud is actually making me less excited for John Cena and Roman Reigns. They already started making me less interested after the debacle last Friday. Finn Balor didn’t need to get screwed like that.

Switching to this feud, it feels like not only the fans don’t care about this, but the performers either. No one feels motivated. MVP is great on the microphone. But that’s pretty much it.

Goldberg was boring, Bobby Lashley looked like he wasn’t interested in being in the ring for the opening promo, or giving his very quiet answer to Goldberg. Literally his answer was so quiet I could even barely hear him.

I’m bored. I don’t care. Just waiting for SummerSlam to get this over with, and I hate that, really. I don’t want to be bored. I used to wax poetic about Lashley and the Hurt Business when that existed.

This just sucks. And my biggest worry (and prediction) is that Goldberg is winning at SummerSlam. Joy.

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of Raw, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

Defying the odds.

Bless Nikki A.S.H. Cross for the chair shot to end a very long promo.

Charlotte Flair entered the ring and went on about how gullible Nikki is for still saying that she could beat Flair even though she gave Nikki one hell of a beating last week.

Flair then got out of the ring and started grabbing kendo stick, a broom, and a chair. She threw them all into the ring and then Nikki sneak attacked her with a chair shot to the back.

Thank you. It wasn’t Charlotte’s best promo. Didn’t really get the Simone Biles tie in.

They announced this match as a championship contender match again, like last week. Its very strange to word a match like that when the champion’s opponent already has a championship match.

The crowd chanted for tables, the crowd got a table set up, and then they started chanting for Becky. Weird. Flair speared Nikki through the barricade. Flair lifted Nikki off the mat for two straight two counts to prolong the beating.

Nikki kept trying to take it to Flair but Flair kept getting the better of her. After a table spot, Flair went for a foot on the chest cover and Nikki kicked out. Then it got even better and Flair speared herself through the table set up in the ring, and that was the final nail in her coffin. Nikki did a dragon screw DDT to win.

The best thing about Charlotte right now is her being pissed off that women keep cashing in on her. Her anger in the promo and during the match was great, and you could see it was the driving force of her punishing Nikki. It sort of didn’t become about winning for her, it was about making an example out of Nikki.

I have to say that part of Nikki’s promo before the match was one of her better ones. I wanted to highlight this because it was actually relatable to me personally.

“You don’t know what to expect, but you just have to give your absolute possible best.”

Yeah. You do, don’t you? As an Anxious Millennial Cowboy myself (AEW crossover!) I am currently trying to break out of a life of playing it safe, and that sentence actually hit me in the feels. Nikki felt more confident in this promo, too. This is how we start to get this character over.

Less of the actual “superhero” like stuff. I refuse to believe that you’re still “almost a superhero” when you’re the women’s champion, and that defeating a tough opponent doesn’t keep you in the almost category. I think that part needs fixing.

The Rest

MACE & T-BAR defeated Mustafa Ali and Mansoor

This is good stuff, pals. Ali got a nice pop from this crowd and Mansoor was amped up for it and hugged Ali in the ring. Interesting booking here in the match where Mansoor accidentally knocked Ali off the ropes and Mansoor lost as a result. But there was a synchronized dive by both men in the match that got a nod from Ali, and when MACE & T-BAR came back for seconds, Ali sacrificed himself for Mansoor! Friendship! It’s such a sweet thing, isn’t it? This is one of the best things going on Monday nights.

Omos defeated Riddle

Riddle played it smart and tried to weaken Omos before the match, but Omos didn’t budge. Omos shoved Riddle over the top rope and into the time keepers area to get as count out victory, and Riddle made it back at 9. I was legitimately frightened watching Omos run. He lifted Riddle into the sky and planted him flat for the win. This would have been where Randy Orton could make a return, but still no Randy. Where are you, Randy?

Damian Priest defeated John Morrison / Priest and Ricochet defeated Morrison and Sheamus

I typed out the result of this match ahead of time hoping to everything that it would be the real finish, and it was! Priest was rocked a bit by the CM Punk chants during his promo, but I think he recovered by the end. Miz and Morrison definitely helped him out, Morrison with the most wet puns I’ve ever heard in a 5 minute span. Morrison did some crazy back flip with Priest on his shoulders over the rope. Priest won, and Sheamus attacked him after the match. And then Ricochet made the save for him.

Are you surprised at what happened next? Raw is three hours long and why use people who are there already? Priest and Ricochet in the ring together. I like it. Thankfully they didn’t give Priest a pin fall loss right after his win, something WWE has done before. Priest is definitely getting a US title match. Did I mention I would like to see more of Priest and Ricochet?

Keith Lee defeated Karrion Kross

Kross now has an hourglass to tell us that his opponents’ time is up. Okay. It was nice to see WWE reminding us that Lee once was a dominant guy defeating Orton in a match. Kross tossed Lee into the steel steps and the crowd woke up a bit when Lee chopped him. Lee was able to power out of Kross’ submission and hit the Spirit Bomb for the win! A great finish and a great crowd reaction for it.

Rhea Ripley defeated Nia Jax

I don’t recall seeing these two women in the ring together, at least on the main roster. Jax rocked Ripley with her own hip attack so Ripley would have to fight from underneath. That just made me realize I haven’t seen Asuka since Money in the Bank. At some point Jax was bleeding near her eye. It was a nice visual. And then Jax lost because Shayna Baszler did exactly what Reggie always used to do. You know what she always used to get angry about? That was silly. She left after the match and Ripley attacked Jax again. Baszler did not come back to help her.

Reggie defeated Akira Tozawa

These are the types of 24/7 title matches I can get into. Reggie still athletic as hell and they had him cut a promo explaining the accent and name change. That’s all I ask for.

Tamina defeated DouDrop

Eva Marie is an awful actress. I don’t know if she’s doing this on purpose or if it’s legit. But she was so terrible I laughed. So terrible. Marie distracted Tamina so DouDrop could get the victory. It didn’t work. A Samoan drop got the victory for Tamina. Alexa Bliss popped up on the tron and said the loser of the match is Eva Marieeeeeeee. This was fine. Then they attacked Bliss and Lilly in the Playground, and Lilly arose all on her own. Yep. Let’s move on.

Drew McIntyre vs. Veer and Shanky ends in a shocking disqualification

Chairs and swords. All of these men are quite big so that’s fun to see I guess? Jinder Mahal interfered because that’s a thing that has to happen. Excited for more?

Grade: C-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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