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Riddle’s latest interview will either get him heat with Roman Reigns, or start a feud

Maybe both?

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Riddle won over Randy Orton, mended fences with Seth Rollins, and even seems to have eased hostilities between Goldberg and himself (peace with Brock Lesnar will likely remain the undiscovered country).

That leaves room on the “guys who’d like to kick Bro’s ass” list. Roman Reigns might want to take a spot after Riddle’s post-SummerSlam interview with Bleacher Report.

Asked about this tweet from Reigns taking credit for the success of the Aug. 21 PPV - and following up on a CM Punk slam in the process...

... Riddle said:

“No disrespect to Roman, he seems like a swell fella, but at the same time, it’s like when people say they’re a good parent. You know what? If you were a good parent, your kids would be telling you you’re a good parent. When he’s saying ‘Acknowledge me’ or ‘I move the needle,’ no, you don’t. You’re related to The Rock. Shut up. Like, I’m not impressed, I can beat you up in a real fight. So, shut your mouth.

“You’re not moving needles. I’m the real stallion, RK-Bro is moving the merch, we’re moving the needle, and that’s it. I don’t want to say too much, I’m not trying to get in trouble. Hey, hats off to him. He’s amazing at what he does. I do like what he does, but at the same time, it’s like, get off your high horse. You’re in that spot for a reason. You’re not a bro. You’re second generation. I’m first generation.”

Going after the company’s biggest full-time star is a curious decision, unless Reigns & others in the WWE power structure are on-board. Both a Draft that could move Riddle to SmackDown, and Survivor Series (“when the stars of Raw and SmackDown collide!”) are coming up in the next few months. This could be planting seeds for something we’ll see play out on-screen.

The interview with Bleacher Report isn’t done in-character, although with Riddle it’s often hard to tell where the work/shoot line is. He’s successfully promoted himself by disrespecting legends before. The former UFC fighter could just be doing it again.

Either way, claiming he can beat Roman in “a real fight” probably isn’t something Bro should be doing. His third generation tag partner Randy might have an issue with Riddle running people down for inheriting a place on the roster, too.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. Is Riddle vs. Reigns in our future? Or just behind-the-scenes reports that Bro was told to shut his mouth about The Tribal Chief?

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