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Reminder: Finn Balor exists

Before John Cena got his match against Roman Reigns for the Universal championship in the main event of SummerSlam, there was another challenger who was supposed to get a shot of his own. They had the contract ready and everything. In fact, the only reason Cena was placed in the match was because he was dishonorable enough to just straight up steal the contract and sign his own name.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville were just corrupt enough to accept this too. Cena, of course, was beaten up by Reigns, and then finished off completely by a returning Brock Lesnar. He’s already back to Hollywood.

Lesnar reestablished himself as a contender with his return, but he likely won’t be a regular TV performer for WWE, no matter how many matches he’s contracted for. That means Reigns is going to need something to do in the meantime and wouldn’t you know it, the guy who was originally set for the match that Cena stole showed up on Friday Night SmackDown this week to remind us he exists and he wants what is rightfully his:

He followed this up by saying he was going to challenge Reigns to a match at Extreme Rules, but he now has trust issues and wants his shot next week on SmackDown. We didn’t get an answer on that just yet.

But, hey, Balor does indeed exist!

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