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Becky Lynch would like to apologize ... for absolutely nothing

Becky Lynch made her long awaited return to WWE at SummerSlam this past weekend, surprising fans by showing up, strong arming her way into a SmackDown women’s title match against Bianca Belair, and then using underhanded tactics to defeat her to win the championship.

Reports quickly spread that she asked to come back as a heel, an interesting bit of news considering she left to have a child as one of the top babyfaces in the company.

Question, then: How would they handle her first appearance on Friday Night SmackDown since then?

Answer: She apologized ... for absolutely nothing.

Okay, okay. That was only after all this:

Oh, she was wildly cheered. Of course she was. She acted like a babyface too, telling the fans how much she missed them and making sure we all know how hard she worked while she was away. She even wore a shirt that shouted out the town they were in for the show. Sure, she used underhanded tactics at SummerSlam but, hey, that was just opportunity meeting preparation and all that.

If she’s a heel now, she damn sure isn’t acting like one — or at least not enough of one. She came across less like a bad guy and more like a mischievous good guy. It’s still early, though, and fans did also cheer for Belair attempting to get a rematch.

Stay tuned.

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