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A lot of people think CM Punk’s shoes contain a coded message about more big stars coming to AEW

AEW Dynamite

After CM Punk returned to pro wrestling on AEW Rampage last week, Emily Pratt of FanByte noticed he had the letters “AC” and “CF” printed on his shoes. Huh, that’s pretty strange, right?

Punk then appeared on Dynamite last night (Aug. 25), where it looks like one of his shoes had the initials “BW” printed on it.

Naturally, the printed letters on Punk’s shoes have led to many pro wrestling fans guessing it’s all a coded message teasing the AEW arrival of Adam Cole, Bray Wyatt, and whoever the hell CF is. I don’t think it’s Charlotte Flair, at least not yet, but I guess you never know.

I totally get why Punk used his mic time to tease Daniel Bryan coming to AEW, but I’m less convinced that these letters on his shoes are codes for Adam Cole, Bray Wyatt, and Charlotte Flair.

First of all, Cole was still under contract with WWE last week, so I don’t think Punk would tease someone who is not signed with AEW. It’s more likely to be the initials of some hockey player that Punk likes to watch.

As for “BW”, well, maybe Punk is just a huge fan of Betty White. Or Baywatch. Or Bee Wax. Or Butt Workouts.

Then there is CF, which clearly stands for Captain Falcon. If a new challenger is approaching AEW, that’s who I have my money on.

I’m pretty sure my guesses are correct. But now it’s your turn to chime in on the matter, Cagesiders. Let us know in the comments below what you think the letters on Punk’s shoes are all about.

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