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Nobody talks trash like The Man

Becky Lynch is a hell of a talker, and that’s a big reason why she was the top star in WWE from late 2018 into mid 2020, before she went on hiatus to become a mother. Now she’s back in WWE following SummerSlam 2021, and there’s no doubt that she’ll be spitting fire on that mic in no time at all.

With that context in mind, here is WWE’s attempt to rank the 10 best “scorching mic” moments from Lynch:

10. “I say that I’m the best!”
9. “Sasha Banks is the never be great”
8. “What would you know about struggle?”
7. “Screw you!”
6. “Lacey is in the back, trying to further her career...”
5. “How’s Steph?”
4. “I’m gonna kick your ass in front of the whole world.”
3. “I just want you to call me Queen.”
2. “But if I did, they’d be a whole lot bigger than yours.”
1. “You personify what this company is - check that, was.”

My personal favorite entry is Becky following up her Royal Rumble victory in 2019 by coming out on Raw the next night and telling Ronda Rousey that she’s going to kick her ass in front of the whole world at WrestleMania. Becky did go on to win the WrestleMania match, but of course Charlotte Flair was forced into the mix for no good reason, and the finish of the match might have been botched.

But hey, the initial promo setting it up was quite the piece of business.

What are your personal favorite moments on the mic from The Man?