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Report: Brock Lesnar is now a babyface

SummerSlam 2021 ended with Brock Lesnar’s surprising return to WWE, where he confronted Universal champion Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman dropped to his knees in utter despair at the sight of his longtime client coming out for a fight with the man he currently counsels.

Roman Reigns has been the top heel in WWE for a full year. There’s no chance he’s turning babyface now, even for a feud against The Beast. So does this angle mean Brock Lesnar is officially a babyface? That’s exactly what it means, according to PW Insider:

“For those who have asked, Brock Lesnar is now firmly on the babyface side of the Smackdown roster, has confirmed.

It will be the first time Lesnar has technically been a babyface for the company since the early 2000s.”

See that, there’s no need to be concerned about WWE’s baffling decision to turn Becky Lynch heel, because Brock Lesnar is immediately the new top babyface in the company.

Will you be rooting for babyface Lesnar against heel Reigns? And more importantly, are you looking forward to hearing Brock cut his own babyface promos opposite Paul and Roman?

We might be lucky enough to hear the first one of those promos tomorrow night (Aug. 27) on SmackDown, where Lesnar and Lynch are both expected to make an appearance.

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