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Pat McAfee is ‘aht indefinitely’ after catching COVID

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During his daily streaming/radio show today, Pat McAfee only took part remotely for parts of the show (including their weekly interview with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers). Co-host AJ Hawk said the SmackDown color commentator wasn’t feeling well, and McAfee mentioned he “potentially got COVID”.

Turns out, that’s exactly what happened.

McAfee was in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium this past Saturday (Aug. 21) calling the action at WWE SummerSlam. There’s no evidence that’s where he contracted the coronavirus; he was also in Phoenix last Friday for SmackDown, and travelled between those locations and his home base in Indianapolis. Fortunately, as he says in his tweet, those he’s been around the most have thus far tested negative.

He had been scheduled to work this week’s SmackDown in Arkansas, but he obviously won’t be in North Little Rock for that.

That’s pretty much irrelevant for Pat Mac at this point, who has to focus on getting better. A 104.5° temperature is no joke. He’s still got his sense of humor, and his Pittsburgh accent, which are hopefully good signs.

Get well, sir.