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Old John Cena clip making the rounds may be just what you need today

WWE fans may chant “Cena Sucks” every once we in a while. We used to do it a lot, and mean it. In recent years it’s been on more of a case-by-case basis, and usually done with a lot of affection for one of the best sports entertainers to ever sports entertain, John Cena.

One of the reasons Cena hate has turned into, if not always Cena love, at least Cena appreciation, is because of the way Cena’s on-screen and real-life messages inspire people when they’re dealing with life’s struggles. It’s not that hard to hustle, be loyal, and show respect when everything’s going your way. But when you’re down? Sometimes a message or gesture from a larger than life everyman in jorts and neon is what you need to never give up.

This clip - which I’m pretty sure is actually a few years old... but who cares, it’s timeless - is a great example of how a moment between Cena and a fan at a WWE live event positively impacted the lives of an entire family after the young man’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My favorite part of this is how John knows that while his message and gift meant a lot to this family, he didn’t do the work of living through a horrifying experience with a terrible disease. They did.

My second favorite part is how Cena actually jumps a bit when the “Unexpected Cena” meme is turned around on him.

Anyway... in case you needed some wholesome content today, hope this fit the bill.

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