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Riddle doesn’t like Brock’s new look, thinks a Goldberg match is possible

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New Raw Tag champ Riddle never shies away from the tough questions, and during a visit to The Bump this morning, he fielded a version of one that’s gotten him into a bit of hot water in the past.

Bro’s answer to a fan-submitted question about whether he’d rather face Brock Lesnar or Goldberg in a match is carefully worded. It’s still probably not going to change Lesnar’s stance, especially after Riddle comes out against Brock’s new topknot mohawk mullet hairstyle. It is evidence of a thawing in relations with the WWE Hall of Famer though.

“I’ll say this, don’t want to talk too much trash - I know that’s not like me, but I don’t want to talk too much trash. Brock or Bill? Both are premium competitors... we won’t say Stallion. Brock, I’m gonna call him Mr. Beast because that’s what was on the door in the back, and I was like ‘Who the hell is Mr. Beast? I’m pretty sure that’s Brock.’ But Mr. Beast came back, Mr. Beast came down to the ring, and Mr. Beast did his thing. I’m not a huge fan of Mr. Beast’s man bun [Evan Mack says people like Brock’s man bun, to which Riddle replies ‘I’m not everybody’]. But hey, I’m a fan of his work, I’m a fan of his caliber of athleticism, I’m a fan of that, so good for him.

“Then you’ve got Willy G, Goldberg. He was doing his thing... him and Gage, they bring it. They’re a package deal. Honestly, Bill has been kind of cool with me lately. Not too cool, not that cool, but he’s been cooler... the bridge [between them] was already destroyed. It got blown up. So right now we’re like throwing some stones and you can walk across the water. But if I had to pick a match between the two of them right now, and if I’m going realistically, I’m thinking Goldberg. I think Goldberg at ‘Mania in a little bit, I think that’s a possibility. I think I might convince him to actually wrestle me. We’ll see [holds up crossed fingers. We’ll see.”

Typical Bro.

Are there enough rocks in the world to build a bridge to Riddle vs. Goldberg? Is knocking the man bun a ploy to get Mr. Beast to reconsider his own anti-Bro stance?

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