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Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn had good reactions to Logan Paul’s rough night on Raw

WWE sent YouTuber Logan Paul out on Raw last night (Aug. 23) in San Diego, seemingly expecting him to be treated as a babyface while working with The Miz & John Morrison.

That’s not how it played out.

Paul did get the job done, facilitating the break-up of the Moist Men - and sending the message to WWE that he could be useful in getting someone else face pops in the future.

Which is what they ended up doing at WrestleMania 37, but I guess they got confused since Paul dissed a heel before getting stunned by a babyface in Raymond James Stadium (even though he was booed while being anti-Sami in Tampa, too).

Anyway, the point is that my favorite things to come out of Logan Paul on Moist TV were these tweets from his ‘Mania co-stars. I actually wasn’t sure Kevin Owens was reacting to Paul’s segment. It cam at a time when he also could have been commenting about Karrion Kross’ new “Zardoz meets Master Blaster with a dash of He-Man” look. But then he retweeted WWE on Fox’s response, making it pretty clear...

Sami Zayn kept it totally kayfabe, which was even better.

He even offered a way for Logan to get back in the good graces of the WWE Universe:

I have an even better idea, though. How about we get KO & Sami back on TV instead of Logan Paul?

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