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Doudrop breaks free of Eva Marie, but will be keeping the name

When Piper Niven came to the main roster in WWE, she showed up as a lackey for the returning Eva Marie, who immediately changed her name to Doudrop. It made sense for the story, considering Eva’s whole thing was looking down on her and using her as a punching bag.

That’s done now.

At SummerSlam, Doudrop reveled in Marie’s loss to Alexa Bliss and then followed it up on Monday Night Raw this week with this:

She copped to making a mistake aligning herself with Eva, then mentioned how “Doudrop” was supposed to be insulting but actually she likes it and will be keeping it moving forward. Again, however you feel about the name itself, at least they bothered explaining it in storyline.

As for Eva, she was immediately on Twitter after the attack you see in the video:

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