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Looks like The Summer of Cena is over

WWE’s initial set of dates for John Cena’s return tour ended at SummerSlam. But a little while after that, the company added a date to “The Summer of Cena” - Fri., Sept. 10 in Madison Square Garden.

Saturday night in Vegas sure looked like a write-off, though. First Cena was beaten clean by Roman Reigns, then he was beaten up by Brock Lesnar after The Beast made it clear he was coming for Reigns. PWInsider reports the 16 time WWE World champ has “is done with future WWE appearances due to filming commitments.”

Now, John’s jumped on Twitter to say goodbye...

This doesn’t say he won’t be in Manhattan in three weeks. Both WWE’s ticket page and the Garden still list him for the Sept. 10 show.

But he’s also made it clear that his next gig is filming Argylle with director Matthew Vaughn and a star-studded cast (Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Bryce Dallas Howard & Catherine O’Hara) in Europe, so taking a break to bump around with the Mysterios might not be in the cards.

We’ll find out. In the meantime, salute to Big Match John for a fun summer run.

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