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WWE Raw results, live blog (Aug. 23, 2021): Moist TV with Logan Paul

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 23, 2021) from the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California, featuring all the fallout from the SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just two nights ago in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Advertised for tonight: Logan Paul returns to make an appearance as a special guest on “Moist TV” with John Morrison & The Miz, we get to see what’s next for Bobby Lashley and if that includes something with Goldberg, Randy Orton & Riddle begin their reign as teh new Raw tag team champions, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


No one is restricted, no one is tied down, but the Greece of old collapsed ‘cause no one liked their girls. We won’t have that problem, I’m doing my part and liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of SummerSlam, with heavy emphasis on the returns of both Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, flanked by Montel Vontavious Porter as always, and we get a recap of his match against Goldberg and “inadvertent” assault on Gage Goldberg.

MVP gets on the mic to address the controversy. He says he and Lashley were shocked to see Goldberg show up and challenge for the title, and we all know about his extraordinary history in this industry, but we also know his recent not-so-extraordinary history and either way, we know he’s a Hall of Famer and still very much a powerhouse, so that makes him a worthy challenger.

What they did not know is that he’d show up with his son, Gage, and Porter doesn’t know if he brought him along for moral support or as a blatant distraction, but they do know that he showed up to SummerSlam and looked amazing. He scored a couple two counts, but all he did was make Bob angry, and the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets, and Bill found that out the hard way.

(At this point my lovely wife Josie points out that that’s actually the Incredible Hulk, but MVP’s on a roll and I ain’t gonna tell him.)

Montel says Goldberg literally didn’t have a leg to stand on and he quit, and that makes him a coward. Porter keeps rolling and says Bob didn’t know Gage attacked him and he’d have done it to anybody, pointing out several folks in the crowd that he’d do it to as well. Lashley says anybody that thinks he should apologize can go to hell.

Enter Damian Priest.

He takes issue with everything that MVP just said and asks if it makes Bob feel good, big and tough, but he’s here to challenge him to a match, tonight. And if he doesn’t accept, he’s a coward. That gets Lashley to attack him, but Damian shrugs him off and knocks him to the floor, and Porter holds his man back before accepting the match!

And so we go to break.

Bobby Lashley vs. Damian Priest

Lashley in control early, hammering Priest in the corner, Damian comes back, nails him with a kick, an elbow, more kicks, rolling elbow and a lariat takes Bob off his feet! Sheamus hits the ring and beats Priest down...

Damian Priest wins by disqualification, presumably.

They beat Priest down, but Drew McIntyre makes the save! They brawl and then we go to break.

Back from commercial and we get the obvious impromptu tag match.

Bobby Lashley & Sheamus vs. Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre

Sheamus and Drew having a brawl, heels in control, heat segment rolling. Eventually Lashley is destroying Priest on the floor and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sheamus in control on Priest, big powerslam... NOPE! Lashley tags in, trying to control Damian with a head-and-arm triangle, Celtic Warrior tags in and puts boots to him. Irish Curse, posing, Lashley comes in and Drew gets the hot tag! Belly-to-belly suplexes, sidestep him into the post, Sheamus in, avalanche White Noise... MCINTYRE KICKS OUT!

The match breaks down, Lashley walks out, Drew lines him up...

Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre win by pinfall with Claymore from McIntyre on Sheamus.

Doudrop is interviewed backstage.

She says she made a mistake associating herself with Eva Marie, and she didn’t sign up to be treated like she was worthless. Eva thought she was putting her down calling her Doudrop, but she likes the name, and the next time she sees Eva Marie, she’s gonna Doudrop her.

Eva attacks and smashes her face into a weirdly-convenient roadcase before stepping on her and saying that’s Eva-lution.

Karrion Kross makes his entrance wearing the world’s goofiest gladiator mask and shoulder straps and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get still pics of SummerSlam.

Karrion Kross vs. Ricochet

Ricochet strong early but Kross catches him, powerbomb into a fireman’s carry into a Saito suplex, chinlock...

Karrion Kross wins by submission with the Krossjacket.

We get footage of Logan Paul hanging out at SummerSlam and bickering with Baron Corbin.

John Morrison makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sheamus and Lashley bicker at length.

John Morrison is in the ring to host Moist TV, and he introduces Logan Paul.

Paul thanks him for the invite and gets booed out of the arena. He says we don’t love him yet but he loves us and he loves WWE and he’s excited to test the waters again. John asks him what’s next for the Paul Brothers but he gets cut off—

Enter the Miz, who complains that Morrison forgot to introduce him, Logan’s favorite WWE superstar.

Paul corrects him that actually New Day are his favorite and updates us all on the boxing careers of him and his brother. Miz tries and fails to quiet the crowd and then asks Logan what round his brother is gonna get knocked out in. Paul laughs it off before realizing it was a serious question and saying that his brother is actually gonna win, and if Miz keeps it up, Tyrone Woodley isn’t the only one getting knocked out.

Logan and Miz go face to face, Morrison breaks it up and he and the A-Lister bicker at length. Paul leaves, Miz and Morrison keep yelling at each other, Miz complains that he should have been winning titles, not playing with water guns, John accuses him of faking the injury and they just generally scream at each other.

Enter Xavier Woods.

He and Logan slap hands and he’s ready to fight, but we’re ready to go to break.

Back from commercial, we get the Elias vignette where he’s placing a headstone with his own name on it down over the ashes of his burnt guitar.

The Miz vs. Xavier Woods

Miz with a side headlock, Woods backs him into the corner, leg pick, the A-Lister shoves him off and goes back to the headlock. Reverse to a schoolboy pin, no good, upkick to a headlock, Xavier with his own headlock takeover but Miz breaks away and runs him over with a shoulder block! Off the ropes, drop down, leapfrog, Woods with a front kick to stagger him into the corner!

Back body drop to the apron, Miz slides under and back heel trips him face-first into the apron! Back inside, Xavier with strikes, off the ropes, dropkick to the inner thigh! Miz begs off and claims injury, Woods cuts him off, basement dropkick and a senton, only two! A-Lister to the floor, sidestep the dropkick, he throws Xavier into the barricade!

Morrison turns the ringside area into a Slip-n-Slide but Woods reverses and Miz goes crashing into the steel steps as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Miz is in control and laying the chest kicks in. Woods gets some chops in but the A-Lister stays on top of him, Xavier sidesteps the Awesome Clothesline and he hits a hanging neckbreaker out of the corner! Miz to the floor, Woods dives... TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, Miz regains the momentum, full nelson, Morrison runs interference and keeps Eddie Orengo from counting three on a schoolboy!

Xavier traps him...

Xavier Woods wins by pinfall with a small package.

Morrison tries to apologize and Miz waves him to go and get the drip sticks. They start spraying the crowd down... AND MIZ TURNS ON MORRISON, BEATING HIM DOWN! Taking his time, making John hurt, drawing him up... SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE!

We get a recap of the Raw Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.

We see Nikki ASH offer Rhea Ripley a tag match later and Ripley accepts as we go to break.

We get another one of these vignettes where Reggie is walking out in public and demonstrates his skills at evading attempts to capture his WWE 24/7 Championship. This time, rather than flipping around, he buys Akira Tozawa and R-Truth ice cream to keep his title safe, before climbing up a tree and jumping atop the ice cream truck to safety.

We get a recap of RK-Bro winning the tag titles.

Matt Riddle scoots up to Randy Orton and tries to hug him but the Viper blocks and Riddle chatters excitedly about their title celebration. Randy says he’s not big on surprises or celebrations and he just wants one favor— don’t do anything stupid. Matt asks if he would do something stupid with an incredibly dumb grin on his face before scooting off.

Jinder Mahal makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, commentary talks San Diego up.

We get an inset promo of Mustafa Ali giving Mansoor a pep talk and Mansoor asking him to let him win the right way.

Jinder Mahal vs. Mansoor

Feeling out, Mansoor with a crossbody but Mahal catches him and turns it into a suplex! Mansoor tries again, crossbody for two and Jinder lays him out with a kick! Mahal beating him down while Ali watches and struggles with the urge to run interference as Jinder continues beating Mansoor down at length. Stomping him in the corner, referee Darrick Moore counts...

Mansoor wins by disqualification due to castigo de excesivo.

A recap of our opening tag team match follows, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Drew McIntyre chats Damian Priest up backstage, telling him how good he looks, and Priest thanks him for having his back. McIntyre says there was something in it for him, because Sheamus and Lashley are the two people he likes the least in the entire world. Drew invites him out drinking and Damian accepts the challenge and tells him to put some pants on.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Charlotte Flair is in the ring and on the mic.

She asks what she told us and asks if there was any doubt that she was gonna win the title again, and she runs down her accolades, up to and including 6-time Raw Women’s Championship, and says no female superstar can ever come close to her legacy. She talks about looking in the mirror and how attractive she is and how happy she is to give us the chance to look at her instead of the grubby pretender that held the title for a month.

She hopes every woman in the locker room is listening and she’s starting a new women’s revolution tonight, so you can thank her now or later, but don’t forget to bow, because she’s your queen and champion, long live the queen.

Alexa Bliss interrupts, carrying Lilly because of course she is.

She says that she and Lilly just wanted to say hi, and that is in fact the end of the segment.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are hanging out backstage and Jax defends teaming with Charlotte, saying she was just trying to get back into the title scene and she won’t make that mistake again.

Baszler tells her that’s what she gets for teaming with someone else, and they butt heads a lot, but when they’re on the same page, nobody can stop them.

Nikki ASH makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we get a new Elias vignette where he says he’s here to conquer wrestling and become a champion, and once he does that, he can conquer the world.

He says the old Elias is dead, long live Elias the WWE Superstar, and he puts on a white hat.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley

Baszler and Ripley to start, Shayna quickly going to work on the wrist but Rhea reverses, stomps her, and tags out, assisting a splash for two! Tilt-a-whirl headscissors, ASH fired up, charging in, back body drop to the apron, shoulder thrust, Oklahoma roll for two! Tag to Jax, they work Nikki over and send her to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, ASH is being worked over and we’re still in the heat segment. Eventually Rhea tags in, short-arm lariats on Shayna, headbutt, snapmare, hip attack fends Jax off and she hits a basement dropkick on Baszler! Bridging northern lights suplex for two, missile dropkick for two and Nia accidentally freight trains Shayna!

Nikki up top, Rhea directing traffic and she lays Nia out with a crossbody! Pumphandle...

Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley win by pinfall with Riptide from Ripley on Shayna Baszler.

Matt Riddle makes his entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get some hype for tonight’s episode of Raw Talk.

Matt Riddle gets on the mic for RK-Bro’s championship celebration.

Enter Randy Orton, eyeballing the balloons in the ring with skepticism.

Riddle calls Greg Hamilton for a big championship intro and gets it, including pyro. He tells Randy he got him somethign special, and it’s a blue scooter with purple tassels and Randy’s name painted on it. Matt demonstrates opening and closing the scooter before telling him he’s his best buddy.

Enter AJ Styles, followed by Omos at a leisurely pace.

AJ pulls a microphone out of Omos’ inside coat pocket and mocks Orton’s new scooter as only being fit for his big buddy to break across his knee. He points out that Randy didn’t get Riddle anything, not even a hug, but Styles claims he got Orton something— a Phenomenal Forearm across his face to wipe the stupid smile off it.

He’s gonna whoop that ass! Right here, right now! (Van Halen is kicking ass in America?)

Riddle says with the Viper in his corner he can do anything, and he accepts AJ’s challenge!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a recap of Sheamus and Bobby Lashley yelling at each other and hear word that a match has been booked for next week.

The same for Doudrop/Eva Marie business.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle

Riddle charges in and Styles huddles up in the ropes to force a break! Collar and elbow, waistlock takedown, standing switch, again, in the ropes and the break! AJ hangs him up in the ropes, but Matt comes back with forearms, Styles with a Sunset Flip, Styles Clash reversed into a triangle choke! Deadlifting Riddle up... BUT HE REVERSES THE POWERBOMB INTO A FRANKENSTEINER TO THE FLOOR THAT SENDS US TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, back and forth, inverted moonsault DDT from Styles... NOPE! Gutbuster for two, AJ goes to the apron to finish things, countered, Styles slips out and locks the Calf Killer on! Readjusting, getting him in the middle of the ring, AJ wrenches it in but Riddle gets up and slips him around into a bodyscissors sleeper!

Styles reverses, pin for two! Sidestep, go-behind, ripcord knee and both guys are down and out! Riddle up top, Omos stares him down and Styles is able to chop block him! Randy Orton attacks Omos but gets thrown into the barricade for his trouble! AJ with a Death Valley Driver... BUT RIDDLE BRIDGES UP! Orton attacks Omos with his scooter and distracts Styles long enough for Matt to catch him with a knee and scoop him up...

Matt Riddle wins by pinfall with the fall-forward Tombstone Piledriver.

Post-match, Riddle and Orton celebrate and Randy hits the RKO on AJ Styles!

RK-Bro pose together.

That’s the show, folks.

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