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NXT TakeOver 36 results: Cameron Grimes wins the Million Dollar Championship

NXT kicked off its TakeOver 36 special tonight (Sun., Aug. 22, 2021) from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida with Ted DiBiase bringing out Cameron Grimes to throw his butler outfit in a trash can, a symbol of the freedom he was hoping to win by defeating LA Knight in a match for the Million Dollar championship.

There was more on the line than that — if Grimes lost, “The Million Dollar Man” would have to take his place as Knight’s butler.

Thankfully, Grimes came through.

He had some help from DiBiase, of course:

Later, when Knight tried to bring the Million Dollar title into the ring to use as a weapon, Grimes nabbed it and distracted the referee with it while DiBiase laid Knight out with a punch and then locked in the Million Dollar Dream on the outside. Back in the ring, Grimes sent Knight to the moon.

And we have a new champion.

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