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Edge goes full Brood for epic SummerSlam entrance

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On the go home edition of SmackDown last night, Edge told us Seth Rollins had driven him to a place in his heart where his blood pumps black. To prove it, he interrupted Rollins’ response with a bit of music from his Attitude Era Brood days, then dumping buckets of “blood” on The Drip God.

At SummerSlam tonight (Aug. 21) in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, he took it even further. And as Pat McAfee might say... IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Heck of a mind game from the Ultimate Opportunist. It was also just a great visual, not to mention a great reminder than nothing kicks quite like a Jim Johnston jam.

Will it help Edge end Seth Rollins, who’s promised to turn up the intensity himself and send The Rated R-Superstar back to his wife and daughters in a wheelchair?

Find out by checking out our full SummerSlam coverage in the live blog here.