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WWE 2K22 looks great, but won’t arrive until next March

Earlier this week, 2K gave us an early look at renders for Edge for the next version of their WWE franchise, WWE 2K22. They showed a lot of improvement from the much-derided last edition.

During SummerSlam, we got a commercial for the game - and more information about its release. That second part is a mixed bag. If you were expecting the usual fall release in the year before the number on the case, you’ll be disappointed. WWE 2K22 won’t arrive until March of 2022. But if you want the developers to take as much time as possible to fix and improve on the game, that’s a promising sign.

It looks fantastic, and hopefully the gameplay and features will be similarly improved. 2K says they’ll have a lot more information about that in January, presumably about the roster, modes, and pre-ordering.

Like what you see? Ready to give another 2K WWE game a chance?

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