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‘There is a 6’ 6” trash bag on the run with something he does not own’

Just a reminder that bum ass Baron Corbin is still walking around the Money in the Bank briefcase, and could I guess cash it in tonight? And also, that Pat McAfee is very good at his job.

Last night (Aug. 20) on SmackDown, Corbin was out for his rematch against Kevin Owens still clutching the case he stole from Big E the week before. McAfee, like a lot of fans, was outraged WWE is even allowing this to go on. But I guess Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are scared off by Baron’s Gollum act and don’t even want to deal with him.

E crashed the party to try and get his hard-won guaranteed title shot back, but Corbin threw him into the barricade and ran off into the night with briefcase. That’s when Pat Mac hit us with the great line in the headline above.

Like all things Corbin of late (and McAfee pretty much always), this is highly entertaining. But I’d be lying if I said I love the way Money in the Bank is being treated like Reggie’s 24/7 championship.

And Corbs? If you’re planning on pawning that bad boy to stave off bankruptcy (we’ve seen what happens when you try to cash one in)? There are other ways to get your hands on some dough. It’s not like you haven’t had offers...

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