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WWE brought Eva Marie back for this?

Singles match

There’s this doll, see, and she’s kind of alive. She also has supernatural powers.

The Road to SummerSlam

Alexa Bliss first crossed paths with the Eva-lution in the build up to Money in the Bank. After being on opposite sides of an eight-person tag match, Eva Marie & her protege Doudrop came out to “scout” a Fatal 4Way Bliss was taking part in. That led to a confrontation between Eva & Alexa, and a sneak attack on the former Women’s champ by the former Piper Niven.

From there, Eva & Doudrop spent a couple weeks visiting Alexa’s Playground, where they made the mistake of disrespecting Bliss’ friend Lilly. Who is a doll. That’s kind of alive. And also has supernatural powers.

Lexi & Lilly used distractions and bad juju to cost Eva & Doudrop a few matches, but rather than learn from their mistake, they doubled down on insulting and even putting hands on Bliss and her doll. Who’s kind of alive. And also has supernatural powers. When the story returned to the ring, Alexa beat Doudrop thanks to a wink from Lilly.

Frustrated by how all this was negatively impacted her plan to remake the WWE, Eva sent Doudrop to deal with Lilly once and for all. The doll, who as we’ve established is kind of alive and has supernatural powers, scared Doudrop off. That’s when Eva may have made her biggest mistake of all, slapping her mentee to let her know what being disrespected feels like.

What to watch for

Now, I’m not the biggest Eva Marie fan in the world (that would be my partner in crime, Geno Mrosko). And I think the landscape has changed enough that she was never going to get the nuclear heat she was capable of generating prior to her 2017 release.

But any chance WWE of getting that reaction again had would involve putting Eva against someone fans thing is deserving of a bigger role on television - preferably one respected for her in-ring performances. A Liv Morgan/Eva Marie feud would do wonders for both women.

Pitting her against Bliss, a character-first performer whose current gimmick doesn’t really work as a babyface, that’s been a fixture of the Women’s title scenes since she arrived from NXT? That’s just a waste.

In theory, the moment Doudrop snaps and has had enough of Eva’s crap should get a big pop. They’ve certainly set the stage for us to find out Saturday night in Las Vegas. But confusion about and resistance to Alexa Bliss’ act - which features a doll, who’s kind of alive and has supernatural powers - has muddied the waters such that I don’t think most folks even care at this point.

We’ll see what happens at SummerSlam. My money is on Lilly being as involved in the finish as Doudrop.


Who will win?

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