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Keith Lee gets his win back; Karrion Kross loses again

WWE booked multiple rematches for Monday Night Raw this week, as the powers that be are wont to do, and one of them was Keith Lee vs. current NXT Champion Karrion Kross. Last week, Kross was trying to rebound from a loss to Jeff Hardy in his main roster debut while Lee was attempting to rebound from a loss to Bobby Lashley in his return to television after several months away.

Kross ended up winning while Lee was on social media promising to tell us the story of his extended absence.

Fast forward to this week and Lee hasn’t followed up on telling his story — he did say to give him “a week or two” — but he did manage to defeat Kross in their rematch. On the broadcast, it was treated like a very big deal, with commentary putting over Lee’s triumph, mentioning how much he needed it and how important it was to him. For his part, Lee appeared to be emotional in the ring as fans cheered him.

Lee was 0-2 since his return but this feels a bit rushed, as far as the babyface scoring a triumphant victory is concerned. Not to mention, it means further failing to establish the NXT Champion who was just called up but still working in NXT. Kross is now 1-2 on the main roster, same as Lee since his return.

This is where you shrug your shoulders.

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