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Please stop asking Goldberg to cut promos


I’ve talked about this in the past, and it bears repeating after the opening to this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago: WWE has got to stop asking Bill Goldberg to cut promos on television.

Or anywhere.


It’s just not his strength. He didn’t get over back in the day with his mouth, and he isn’t going to get over using it now. He’s always been interesting, in fact, for the exact opposite. He didn’t speak but he was about that action.

On this week’s show, Goldberg arrived to confront WWE Champion Bobby Lashley about their pending match at SummerSlam, and spent his entire promo chewing gum and saying things like “Goldberg lives by the spear, Bobby, and you will die by it” — oh yes, he was referring to himself in the third person, by the way — and “Chicago can smell fear and you either crapped your pants or you’re scared out of your mind.”

Strangely enough, the crowd didn’t react well to any of this, including completely ignoring the cheap attempt at a pop by using the name of the city, but did chant “GOLD-BERG” repeatedly. While sitting down.


Anyway, the match still isn’t technically official but we’re inching ever closer.

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