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How many ‘CM Punk’ chants will we hear at tonight’s sold out Raw in Chicago?

Follow-up question... will we start to hear some ‘Bray Wyatt’ ones, too?

First off, they sure do love their wrestling (and sports entertainment) in the Windy City, don’t they?

Chicago area wrestling crowds also have a reputation for being hot ones - not to be confused with Hot Ones - and unafraid to express their displeasure with anything happening in the ring by showing their love for Phil Brooks.

As Seth Rollins was during his internet/WWE Backstage feud with CM Punk, WWE is usually ready for these kinds of things (context for that one here)...

Stephanie McMahon was also the target of Punk chants a year later, but her retort that time wasn’t as witty.

Steph’s unlikely to be called into duty tonight. But even if WWE has a good line or two ready for the inevitable, will the packed house of fired up Midwesterners just turn to another ex-WWE Superstar should they decide they’re not into, oh, say, Goldberg reacting to Bobby Lashley reacting to Goldberg’s SummerSlam challenge?

Could tonight see the birth of a Bray Wyatt chant? If the Allstate audience is feeling creative, maybe they’ll just start singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”. If they’re not, it’ll probably just be A-E-Dub.

I doubt WWE will tempt fate like this, but you never know:

Whatever happens, the crowd should make this one interesting. Join us in our live blog at 8 pm ET and find out how interesting.

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