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JoJo Offerman said to have ‘quietly’ departed WWE months ago

Windham Rotunda’s Instagram

Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman will not be a cross-promotional wrestling couple. Or at least, if they end up being one, one of those companies won’t be WWE.

In response to inquiries after the news of Wyatt’s release on Saturday (July 31), PWInsider shared the news that former interviewer, ring announcer, and Total Divas star Offerman left WWE “quietly 6-8 months ago.”

Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) and Offerman have been a couple for several years now. That have two children together, Knash born in 2019, and Hyrie who arrived last year.

JoJo, the daughter of former Major League Baseball player José Offerman, had been with WWE since 2013. It’s been quite some time since she appeared on television as a correspondent or announcer, although she regularly performed both duties for much of her WWE run. She was a Total Divas cast member for the show’s initial season back in ‘13, and a semi-regular guest star over the years.

Insider’s report does not include the exact date or reason for her departure.