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WWE is ‘open for business’ on a potential sale of the company

WWE’s YouTube channel

Corporate restructuring in WWE has led to layoffs within multiple departments this year. The company has also released an alarming number of wrestlers due to budget cuts, despite the fact that WWE’s current profit levels are at a historic high, even during a global pandemic. The totality of these decisions has led some folks to speculate the WWE is setting itself up for a big sale.

Recode Media’s Peter Kafka asked WWE President Nick Khan about the possibility of a sale. Here is Khan’s response:

“Well look, we’re open for business, on anything and everything. And even some of the business plans that we’ve announced recently, I think are different or unique to what the company has traditionally done. So we’re open for business. If somebody calls, we’ll listen. But we’re not active, we’re not out in the marketplace trying to change that structure.”

So WWE isn’t actively pursuing a sale of the company, but if someone calls them up with a blow-away offer, they’d be foolish not to consider it.

Do you expect this potential sale will happen anytime soon, Cagesiders?

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