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It sounds like Adam Cole wants nothing to do with WWE’s ban on Twitch

Adam Cole’s deal with WWE is reportedly ending this weekend, and everyone wants to know if he will re-sign with WWE, jump ship to AEW, or pursue a completely different option.

Staying put with WWE and getting called up to Raw or SmackDown could result in his Twitch stream being shut down due to WWE’s ridiculously greedy ban on third party deals. At the end of his most recent stream playing Resident Evil 0, Cole stated there is no way he’ll ever give up the channel:

“I love y’all so much. I wish so bad that I could just stream for a few more hours. But it does, it makes me so happy to even be able to stream for a little bit. And it’s why when I say no matter what, there is a zero chance that this channel is ever going away. I will never give this up. I love it with my whole entire heart. And I love you guys. That’s how important you are to me.”

“...there’s been a lot going on lately. I just want to make sure everyone knows that this is going nowhere. This is going absolutely nowhere.”

Do you think Adam Cole can work out a compromise with Vince McMahon regarding his Twitch stream, or is this just one more reason why Cole might find it enticing to leave the sports entertainment juggernaut?

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