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Dave Bautista sees big things in CM Punk’s future... and not in wrestling

We’re anxiously awaiting CM Punk’s likely-but-not-announced return to pro wrestling this Friday on AEW Rampage at “The First Dance”.

Punk obviously hasn’t spoken about that. Even when he talks indirectly about it, he reminds people his post-UFC focus has been on establishing his career as an actor - not re-starting his career as a wrestler.

When it comes to acting, Punk’s hasn’t been following the Dwayne Johnson/John Cena blueprint of getting roles in big budget action movie ensembles. He’s been working in independent horror flicks, and taking small parts on television shows like Heels.

A quote about the man whose blueprint he is following, Dave Bautista, caught the Dune star’s eye. It also prompted a big prediction from the future WWE Hall of Fame inductee:

Consider that tweet saved Dave. And not just by me...

Bautista’s said he’s not interested in making movies with Cena or The Rock, but maybe we’ll see him and The Best in the World in a Denis Villeneuve joint someday?

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