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Samoa Joe is ready for another dance with Roman Reigns

Samoa Joe will have his first match in 18 months on Sunday night (Aug. 22) at TakeOver 36, and he’s ready for more after that.

While speaking with GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor, Joe was asked about someone he faced fairly often back in 2017 - 2018: Roman Reigns. Reigns is operating on a different level than he was for their last big face-off at Backlash, and Joe joins the chorus of praise for The Tribal Chief.

But he’s still ready to throw down, something he makes clear in his typically poetic fashion:

“What Roman’s been doing has been fantastic. He’s really embraced what he probably should have been a long time ago. He’s built a hell of a squad around him. And you know, Head of the Table - that’s an interesting moniker. But Roman knows what’s up. I’m never too far away. He merely needs to say my name, and I will show up. No problem. He knows that. And I ain’t interested in sitting at your table, man. I’ll flip it over and I’ll eat your birthday cake in front of you. That’s about it.”

As much as I’d like to see another Reigns/Joe match, I really want to see the mic duels and in-ring trash talk between the Samoan Submission Machine and the current version of Roman.

Who else is ready to see that table get flipped?

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