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Goldberg still thinks Riddle’s a *****, but he appreciates him now

Our last update on Riddle & Goldberg’s relationship sounded really promising! But we may have gotten ahead of ourselves in declaring the former enemies “Bros”.

Goldberg explains where things stand from his perspective in a new interview with DAZN. Asked about a potential match with Randy Orton’s tag partner, the Hall of Famer makes it clear its not all sunshine & rainbows between Riddle & himself. But it does appear there’s now detente in a situation that once seemed like a powder keg.

“The cocky kid [Riddle] spouting off his mouth in the beginning, and I didn’t appreciate it very much by any stretch of the imagination. But the guy has put in a lot of frickin hard work and a lot of hard work, and he’s dedicated his life to this business. Whether I like him as a human being or not, I have to understand and appreciate his passion for the business and his work ethic. Because he works hard and that I appreciate as an athlete and as a human. Is he a prick sometimes? Absolutely. But that’s him. That’s his character, and so am I.”

We’ll take it.

Goldberg also says he wants matches with John Cena & Roman Reigns, and talks about a number of other things, in his chat with DAZN. Check it out here.

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