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Kevin Owens had a special night on SmackDown

Kevin Owens beat Baron Corbin in a fairly standard match on Friday Night SmackDown this week. It was good enough for what it was, Owens getting to dunk on the bad guy who is in the process of getting his comeuppance, and then beating him in a match to further drive it home.

What you may not have realized is the way he won that match was actually a really nice throwback to The Rock.

As he explained on Talking Smack:

“You know what’s funny is actually it felt special tonight for a funny reason. So, I signed with WWE, my contract, in July 2014. They announced it to the world on, that’s a website, on Aug. 12, 2014. So it was almost seven years ago to the day. … What makes me proud is the day they announced my signing it was surreal — so many WWE legends, I’m talking Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, just to name those guys, commented on me signing, which was huge for me, just an independent wrestler whose dream came true. I got announced that I signed a contract with WWE and The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, you might know him, he’s done movies, he said ‘welcome to the club,’ something like that. And I know this because people were tweeting at me this week, ‘hey, seven years to the day The Rock tweeted this when you signed the contract,’ or whatever. He said ‘have fun, enjoy the ride’ and one of the hashtags he used is something about sunset flips. … As Flex Kavana, which was his name in developmental, which is a term for the smart fans out there. When you go to WWE first but they don’t want to put you on TV right away because you need to work out the kinks, you’re in developmental. So Flex Kavana was his name and his finishing move used to be the sunset flip. And what did I use tonight to beat Baron Corbin? It all came together.”

Okay, yeah, that’s actually pretty cool. Also great: the way Owens pronounces the word “developmental.”

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