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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Aug. 13, 2021): The Architect

You might be shocked to see me say this, but y’all... Seth Rollins is slaying.

Every week since the trajectory became Rollins vs. Edge at SummerSlam has been a delight.

I usually detest these throw it to a video package segments, but the way that they have been playing the history between these two men is exactly how it should be in all matches with two opponents with history.

Looking at you, John Cena and Roman Reigns. We’ll get to my opinions on that in a moment.

Edge did not make an appearance here, which I was sad about. But then I remembered that we still have one more SmackDown before the pay-per-view.

Let’s talk about the meat of that video package, and this segment as a whole.

Edge called Rollins “Edge-lite” last week and that riled up the Architect. So this week it was all about Rollins running down both his and Edge’s careers.

The conclusion - Rollins has had a more decorated career in WWE than Edge. And I’m inclined to agree with him. Of course we know that is really because Edge had to retire in 2011, but pitting his top moments against Seth’s really showed that in the end, Seth has had the better career.

I would imagine that this means for next week, Edge will have to prove that even though Seth is technically right, the only thing Seth hasn’t done, and in his eyes won’t do, is beat him.

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

The promo segment I was waiting for.

So, this was the moment I had been waiting for since we found out John Cena was going to face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

First, Cena cut his own promo alone, then Reigns addressed him later in the night. Then Reigns mentioned him in the contract signing segment and Cena cut in line to get the title match by signing a contract that didn’t have his name on it, and then Cena went to Raw in between all that.

And then on this show, the face to face finally happened.

I’m sad to say - it didn’t do much for me. I feel no different than I did before this promo segment.

Okay, we had a few meta moments, mentioning Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose) and referencing CM Punk’s kiss goodbye to Vince McMahon at MITB 2011. Two people very much relevant outside of WWE right now, wouldn’t you say?

The other moment from Reigns, which I liked the least, was the Nikki Bella diss. Okay yes Cena and Bella have their history together, but it was a cheap shot in the long line of dick and missionary jokes surrounding this revitalized feud. The missionary line was funny the first time. On the fourth time... less funny!

I’m still interested in the match itself, but I was left underwhelmed by this. Let’s see what happens next week.

No one appears to like Bianca Belair.

A contract signing once again graced SmackDown, and this time it was actually upheld.

I was a bit confused by the way this went down though.

Sasha Banks decided that before she signed the contract, she needed... witnesses? Certainly a first time I’ve ever seen witnesses for a WWE contract signing.

So Carmella and Zelina Vega were Banks’ witnesses. Okay. Really the only other heels on SmackDown’s roster. Miss you, Bayley!

Belair signed the contract and threw it at Banks, because she knew that the heels were going to attack her. That made her look smart. So she got the upper hand and flipped over the table in the ring to take out Banks.

But Banks ended up getting the upper hand on her. And she put Belair in the Bank Statement using her braid against her.

And not a single person came out to help her. No other women in the locker room, no referees, no officials... no one.

That was strange. This isn’t Baron Corbin getting choked out, it’s Bianca! Having literally no one come out to assist in any way looked weird.

The Rest

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Apollo Crews

The match started out with both Commander Azeez and Rick Boogs somewhat interfering, and the referee was smart enough to throw them both out. They had to have Azeez come in to get ejected but Crews really did look silly staring and yelling at Boogs for 10 seconds, and Nakamura looked weak not taking advantage of the distraction. Crews blocked a Kinshasa and tried to cheat, but the referee caught him. Not really caught him Nakamura kicked out first but whatever. The second Kinshasa did it, and we have a new Intercontinental champion. Boogs and Pat McAfee celebrating on the announce table was wonderful. I did not expect the title change, but I guess I should have expected it with Azeez gone. This was fun! (Match time - 10:11)

Street Profits defeated Alpha Academy

This was one of the “rematches” that I didn’t mind since there’s an actual story behind it. Otis looks so much more menacing than he used to. Really cool toss slam combo from Otis in this match. Him being able to do a fallaway slam to Angelo Dawkins with relative easy is crazy. There was some unintended shenanigans at the end of this with Gable “accidentally” tagging in and then Montez Ford almost killing himself on a dive to the outside, but it gave the Profits the win. It also gives way to yet another rematch. Of course. (Match time - 3:36)

The Mysterios defeated The Dirty Dawgz

This was actually a fun match that continued to tease some dissension between the Mysterios. The Usos tried to interfere and cause Dominik to lose focus in a rookie mistake, but Rey was able to move Dom out of the way of a sneak attack by Robert Roode. Dom ended up pinning Roode anyway. Not the usual booking you see when they’re trying to get dissension teasing at its peak, but I like seeing different things. (Match time - 3:32)

Kevin Owens defeated Baron Corbin

This started from Owens interrupting Corbin’s latest grifting for change from people. The stipulation became - if Owens defeats Corbin, he can’t grift anymore. Ouch! The match actually went longer than both tag matches on the show combined. Entertaining spots, a nasty bump on the apron from Owens, and I always love Corbin’s Deep Six. Owens got the victory, and Corbin got a Stunner for his troubles. And then Corbin stole Big E’s Money in the Bank briefcase. I smell a SummerSlam match! (Match time - 9:46)

Total match time for SmackDown - 27:05

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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