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A day in Baron Corbin’s bum ass life

This went up on TikTok earlier this week, but I’m old an only see TikToks when they’re tweeted. Turns out WWE tweeted it too, but I somehow missed that. There’s a lot going on in the wrestling world, okay?!?!

Ahem, sorry. A version of it is on YouTube now, and this quick video is just our latest reminder that sad sack Baron Corbin is a fantastic evolution for a character and performer many of us have crapped on over the course of his career.

There’s not much of the arrogance we’ve seen from Corbin’s pleas for cash on television (you know, the ones that lead to him getting Stunned, or AA-ed, or Claymore-ed). Maybe there’s a taste of it in the way he hilariously stomps off at the end, but that reaction is pretty understandable given the way everyone backstage looks down on him through his day. I mean it even seems he’s been screwed over by WWE’s ownership of their contractor’s social media accounts... hard to blame him after that.

Is this the start of an official face turn, or just something fun Corbin put together with WWE’s web team that won’t get addressed on television?

Join us in our SmackDown live blog and maybe we’ll find out together tonight.

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