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Goldberg has his eyes on a ‘talented talent’ on the WWE roster

After losing a WWE championship match earlier this year against Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble 2021, Goldberg is back in WWE to challenge Bobby Lashley for the very same title at SummerSlam, coming up on Saturday, Aug. 21.

While hyping up the match during an interview with WWE India, Goldberg was asked to identify which WWE superstars he has his eyes on. Here is Goldberg’s response:

“You know, I think it’s been written a number of times about my respect for Big E, that I have. I got to say that Ricochet is one of the most talented talents that I’ve ever seen, in any profession, not just the wrestling business. The things that he can bring to the ring...Sasha Banks, what she can do is unbelievable. There are so many superstars that are on the cusp of greatness right now. Becky Lynch, see what she does, obviously she’s kind of a part-timer sometimes. It’s hard to really put people in a perfect category that describes their job description.

But there is a plethora of talent coming up through the ranks in the WWE. Keith Lee, the kid is a monster. There are so many that I can only list those few, because there are so many that are right behind them. But I think it’s a fresh time for the wrestling business, and a fresh time for the WWE to pull to the front and center of the business.”

Goldberg’s awkward promo skills are on full display here. Ricochet is a talented talent who talents. Becky Lynch is a part-timer sometimes, though it’s hard to describe her description. There are so many stars to name that he can only name a few. Now is a fresh time for the underdog WWE promotion to rise to the top of the industry.

Yogi Berra has nothing on Bill Goldberg.

I’m just having some fun here. Words can be hard, and I learn that lesson on a daily basis. The most important thing is that it’s cool to see Goldberg being so enthusiastic about praising these wrestlers and expressing optimism for the future of pro wrestling.

Do you hope to see Goldberg slap meat one day with Big E, Ricochet, or Keith Lee?

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