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WWE forgets about Steve Austin when ranking the best authority figure beatings

Most authority figures in WWE get their asses handed to them at some point, usually right before they are replaced by a new authority figure. WWE’s latest top 10 video attempts to rank the very best in authority figure destruction. Let’s see what they came up with:

10. Elias bashes Constable Corbin with a guitar
9. D-Generation X lay out Commissioner Slaughter
8. Karrion Kross beats up General Manager William Regal
7. Undertaker tombstones General Manager Paul Heyman
6. John Cena AAs John Laurinaitis
5. Kevin Owens stuns Shane McMahon
4. Kane chokeslams General Manager Eric Bischoff
3. Roman Reigns attacks COO Triple H
2. Ronda Rousey snaps Stephanie McMahon’s arm
1. Brock Lesnar F5s Mr. McMahon

The main thing that stands out about this list is the complete absence of the man who perfected the authority figure ass whooping, Stone Cold Steve Austin. In fact, Austin became arguably the most popular wrestler in history primarily because of the way he stuck his middle fingers up in the face of authority.

The key to the list, it seems, is that WWE didn’t want to have any repeat victims, so each authority figure gets exactly one entry. I guess that explains why an implied attack from Karrion Kross on William Regal somehow made the top 10 over any of the cans of whoop ass that Austin opened over the years. But it doesn’t explain how Brock Lesnar was given the top spot for attacking Mr. McMahon, when beating the hell out of McMahon was made famous by Stone Cold in the first place. It also doesn’t explain how a stone cold stunner from Kevin Owens made the list, but a stone cold stunner from Steve Austin did not.

Like usual, these lists shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s mostly there to get fans to relive some of the more exciting moments on a given topic. It was pretty cool to see Kane chokeslam Eric Bischoff to hell, for example. With that in mind, which authority figure beatdowns would make your top 10 list, Cagesiders?

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